A Love Letter to all of My Haters

Dear Haters,

You know who you are.

You’re the ones who think about me a little too much. The ones who spend your precious time and energy that could be used elsewhere, on me. You’re the ones who don’t like me, because of this-or-that reason. I’m sure they are “good reasons”, or so you tell yourself. But really, you know those reasons make no sense at all. It’s jealousy, really. Unless I have done something absolutely god-awful terrible to you, which you know I haven’t, then it’s jealousy.

But still, you continue to hate. Using all of that energy to dislike me. Day in and day out, you make your disapproval, disagreements, and dislike known. Sometimes in subtle ways and other times in very obvious ways. You are a crafty one, I’ll give you that. You sometimes throw me for a loop, making me think you’re being sincere and then your true colors come out and my hopeful moment comes crashing down.

But let me tell you something, oh dear crafty hater: If you think for one second that you can beat me, you can’t.

If you think that you hating on me is going to make me quit and give up, it won’t.

If you think that your mockery, your judgment, and your disagreement is going to make me think I am wrong or change my mind, you are out of your mind.

If you think you are the one winning, I can tell you with absolute certainty, you are sadly mistaken.

The same time you are using for your contempt of me is the same time I am using to out-do you. The energy you exert in thinking of how you can deliver another sly remark or a passive-aggressive comment, I am using to work on my goals and am planning ahead. You take up no space in my mind. I give you no thought.

You see, if I stopped to care what everyone thought of me, I wouldn’t be where I was right now. I am faster, smarter, and closer to my goals than you ever will be because that’s where my time and energy goes.

The sad truth is whatever it is that you claim to “hate” about me, you actually hate about yourself. Mhmm. Because your perception of me, your view of me, is really a mirror of how you perceive yourself. Maybe not literally, but there are deep similarities there. That’s how our realities are created. So really, you spending day after day disliking me, is quite literally a waste for you. But it’s not for me.

What I am trying to say is this: Thank You.

For your time.

For your energy.

For your doubting me.

For your gossip and judgments.

For your worrying.

For your disbelief.

For telling me I would fail.

For saying that I can’t.

For saying that I shouldn’t.

For disagreeing with everything I ever say.

For hating on me.

You see, the thing is you fuel me. You are responsible for pushing me to new limits. For motivating me to work harder, get back up, and persevere through even my most trying of times. You inspire me to be better. Do more. Keep going. In fact, I often set such lofty goals because of you and what’s crazy is I achieve them! I achieve more than I think is possible because of your contempt. I am driven with a desire to be my best and the best because of your hate and disbelief.

Anything you have ever said I couldn’t do, I did.

Anything you have ever said I wouldn’t do, I did.

Anything you have ever believed about me, I proved wrong.

Anything you ever disagreed with me on, I proved right.

So, keep your dislike game strong. I’ll be far ahead of you, while you stay exactly the same.

Your biggest fan,



Photo by John-Mark Smith from Pexels

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