Why You Should Say “Yes” to More Opportunities


Do you want to be unstoppable?

Then say “Yes” to more opportunities.

Choosing to say “yes” to more opportunities makes you embrace the unknown, reach beyond your comfort zone, and ultimately allows you to grow in ways you wouldn’t otherwise. Opportunities are presented to us constantly in many different forms. The easiest type of opportunity to recognize is in the form of a question or statement from others such as: “We really need someone to take the lead on this new project initiative. Any volunteers?”, or “Although we can’t meet your salary requirements, we’d love to offer you this job, will you join our team?”, or “We’re going to start an annual conference to bring together speakers and thought leaders. If anyone has any ideas, let us know.”

When you are presented with a new opportunity, it’s common that many are immediately dismissed: “No way, I am not speaking in front of 500 people at a conference“, you think to yourself. “I’m not volunteering to lead the project, I can’t do that. People won’t listen to me anyway”, you tell yourself. 

For the opportunities you don’t immediately dismiss, you go back and forth in your mind for hours, days, sometimes weeks on whether or not you should do it. Ultimately we turn down 90% of most opportunities for one excuse or another, but essentially it comes down to fear; the fear of failure, fear of looking stupid, fear of losing money, fear of wasting time, or the fear of not having the answers keeps us from our dreams or goals.

If you want to be unstoppable and live a more personally and professionally satisfying life, then start saying “yes” to the opportunities that align with your values, goals, and dreams. What I have learned from turning down and accepting so many opportunities and later reflecting on them, is that part of being unstoppable is knowing when to recognize those opportunities and saying “yes!” to them. 

Remember these 5 things when facing a new opportunity

Unstoppable people are not motivated by money or anything external.

It’s not a matter of money, but a matter of how the opportunity will grow you in other ways. When you can see an opportunity for the intrinsic value it will provide you and not as a $ sign, you will make better decisions for yourself in the long-run. If the only thing keeping you from saying “yes” is pay, you’ve already lost.

Unstoppable people have clear goals and those goals exceed their current capabilities. 

Having a clear understanding of your personal values and dreams allows you to create specific goals. Not easy-to-reach goals, but goals that push you in new ways and deeply motivate you. And by knowing these specific goals you will have an easier time recognizing and seeking opportunities that will help you get there.

“You need to aim beyond what you are capable of. You need to develop a complete disregard for where your abilities end. Make your vision of where you want to be a reality. Nothing is impossible.”

Paul Arden

Unstoppable people work on their mental strength.

Saying “yes” to more opportunities allows you to work on your mental toughness. These means you can do things even though you are uncomfortable, even though so-and-so may think whatever it is they think (which they will regardless), and even though you may be nervous.

“Wherever your mind goes, your body follows. Wherever your thoughts go, your life follows.”

SUCCESS magazine

Unstoppable people start before their ready.

This one is exceedingly important. One can never be fully ready for anything in life. And if you spend all of those hours, days, weeks, months, or years “preparing”, a million opportunities will have passed by. You may not have it all figured out, but no one ever does. Life is a “learn as you go” kind of journey. If your “why” for this opportunity is strong enough, the “how” will work itself out over time. 

“The best time to plan a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Chinese Proverb

Unstoppable people take the shot every time.

You miss every shot that you don’t take. And you better believe someone else will be taking that shot that could be yours. Embrace “failure”, it’s the only way to get better. The only way.

“If I fail more than you, I win.”

Seth Godin

If you can remember those 5 things the next time you are presented with an opportunity, you’ll be in good shape. I know first-hand that new opportunities can be scary. If we’re living by our self-limiting beliefs, it makes it easy for us to think of excuses and dismiss everything that comes our way, no matter how satisfying or fulfilling an opportunity it is.

However, if you can recognize an opportunity that allows you to enrich your life in a way that aligns with your values and goals, say “yes” and you’ll be on the fast track to becoming completely unstoppable. Re-write your beliefs. Make decisions based on your values and dreams. Don’t let things get in your way and embrace the unknown. After all, if it’s unknown, you have the opportunity to write the ending. Who wouldn’t say “yes” to that?

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

Author: Stefanie Hooper

Stefanie is a passionate problem-solver and advocate of learning and development. She studies workplace culture, leadership, the mind, and personal development and shares her experience and findings. Her goal is to inspire others to learn to see themselves, others, and the world differently and make positive changes.

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