Whole Happy Being was created to help others. To help others realize their potential in living the life they envision for themselves. To help others overcome the feelings of inadequacies and to realize all humans are flawed and none are better than the rest. To help others put an end to allowing others to define their worth and replace those with their own definitions of self-worth. To help others direct their lives around how they feel rather than how they think they should behave / eat / speak.

Once we all realize that we truly can rely on ourselves for our own happiness and acceptance, we can welcome endless possibilities into our lives.  These are possibilities that exist even right now, but if blinded by the illusion of doubt, fear, and inadequacy, the ability to see these does not exist.

Understanding and most importantly, accepting and re-directing your life in alignment with your true self, is creating happiness. Choosing the foods that nourish and make you feel good, not those that cause inflammation or sickness, is creating happiness. And in the end, having the strength to rid your life of anything that creates negative energy or feelings, is how you know you’ve reached your whole happy being.  

How I Got Here

In 2016, I finally took action on the few years I had been ignoring my truest self’s needs. I was tired, ill and was having a hard time finding lasting joy in things. I was serving a life that was not mine. And although what ensued upon my decision to end a marriage and move across the country without knowing what was next was beyond painful, scary, difficult and tiring in a whole new sense – it was absolutely necessary if I was going to create a truly authentic life for myself.

The only thing I knew was that I had to go. What I did not know, was everything else. And although it has been 2 years since I have moved to Oregon and so many things have filled that time, I am still continuing to battle negative thoughts and feelings – working tirelessly each day to lessen the hold of these things on my life and my being.

This is my journey and also your guide.